feral trade bamboo shoots
from Yuyao Zhejiang, China
笋干菜 salty dried bamboo shoots with vegetables,easy to transport and store; make soup with boiled water; cook with pork. ferally traded since: 05/08/15.
Feral Trade Bristol, UK to FoAM Earth Brussels, Belgium
dispatched 21/02/18 delivered 25/02/18
bamboo shoots shipment FER-2393
REMARKS: intra-organisational gift
QTY: 1 units at pack each
FROM: Feral Trade in Bristol, UK
TO: FoAM Earth in Brussels, Belgium
SENDER:kate rich
RECEIVER: maja kuzmanovic
REQUESTED: to ship between 20/02/18 and 26/02/18
STATUS: delivered FoAM Earth 25/02/18
MAP route map
COURIER: Boat Zhang  Ming Lin  Farhaan Mumtaz  kate rich  kate rich 
TOTAL ROUTE:  Yuyao-And Coffee Cafe-Pudong airport-Hong Kong International airport-Display Distribute-John F Kennedy airport-London Heathrow Airport-Little Georgia restaurant-Company Drinks-Dagenham Heathway Library-London Paddington station-Bristol Temple Meads station-Feral Trade-Bristol Temple Meads station-London Paddington station-London St Pancras station-Brussels Midi station-Constant--FoAM Earth
bamboo shoots Feral Trade to FoAM Earth
Shipping Facts
FER-2320 import purchase & freight
10 x bamboo shoots packgrossper pack
30rmb / 100g pack. exchanged for 500g feral trade coffee and 20 GBP an effective exchange rate of 10 RMB to the pound sterling 30.00 3.00
Shipping Report FER-2393
onward transit of FER-2320 from Yuyao arrived Feral Trade 2017-08-19
Boat Zhang hi Kate We met today in a cafe near my place. it was a nice meeting! Here are some photos in case you need. Ming also took one in cafe from the opposite way. I'm also looking forward the coffee.ming told me it's really nice. Boat
Ming Lin Shoots made it back to Hong Kong via airplane May 21st (departing from Pudong Airport, arriving at Hong Kong Airport), for soft and brief landing in my own 8-floor-walk-up flat in Jordan, Kowloon (pic attached). Realizing that my personal luggage for traveling three months was quite overstuffed, I took advantage of a friend visiting Hong Kong (Farhaan Mumtaz) to carry half the load back to the UK for me. Therefore, 1/2 kg of bamboo shoots have in fact already made their way to London, arrived May 24th to London Fields, and await my arrival to reunite with remaining shoots which are now, finally in New York, also arrived May 24th. Will let you know when stock has been gathered in London in July. Hope this isn't too confusing!
bamboo shoots transit: Yuyao to Feral Trade
freight and handling bamboo shoots to FoAM Earth sponsored by
FERALTRADE products passed by hand. The word 'feral' describes a process that is deliberately wild, as in pigeon, as opposed to nature wild (wolf). Feral Trade freight operates largely outside commercial channels, using the surplus potential of social, cultural and data networks for the distribution of goods. contact kate@feraltrade.org