feral trade olive oil Retamar
from Olive Mill Retamar Extremadura, Spain
Extra virgin oil from centenarian olive groves in Extremadura, produced by the Retemar family over generations. Introduced to Feral Trade by a friend of the producer visiting Bristol to improve his spoken English. ferally traded since: 07/06/13.
Feral Trade Bristol, UK to Bristol Cooperative Gym Bristol, UK
dispatched 15/03/17 delivered 15/03/17
olive oil Retamar shipment FER-2301
REMARKS: 2x 5L home supply
QTY: 2 units at bottle each
FROM: Feral Trade in Bristol, UK
TO: Bristol Cooperative Gym in Bristol, UK
SENDER:kate rich
RECEIVER: Guy Lochhead
REQUESTED: to ship between 12/03/17 and 15/03/17
STATUS: delivered Bristol Cooperative Gym 15/03/17
MAP route map
COURIER: Integra2 road transport  Anton Mann  Pedro Jervell  Nordlys  Will Templeman  Alex Geldenhuys  kate rich  Guy Lochhead 
TOTAL ROUTE:  Olive Mill Retamar-Skrei Gallery-Leixoes Marina Porto Atlāntico-Nordlys-Brixham port-Arnolfini-Feral Trade--Bristol Cooperative Gym
olive oil Retamar Feral Trade to Bristol Cooperative Gym
Shipping Facts
FER-2237 import purchase & freight
1250 x olive oil Retamar litregrossper litre
5,250 euros for 1250L at 4.20 Euro per L, increase on 2015 price reflects last year's troubled harvest tightening supply in the olive market. At 1 week pre-Brexit referendum exchange rate price of 1.25 euro to pound £4177.00 £3.34
road transport extremadura to Porto, Portugal 165 euros £132.00 £0.11
sail freight Leixoes, Portugal to Brixham, with engineless dutch Fair Transport ship Nordlys £1062.00 £0.85
courtesy white van transport Brixham-Bristol £0.00 £0.00
Bristol apartment for olive oil warehousing: Feral Trade's own £0.00 £0.00
Shipping Report FER-2301
onward transit of FER-2237 from Olive Mill Retamar arrived Feral Trade 2016-09-03
olive oil Retamar transit: Olive Mill Retamar to Feral Trade
freight and handling olive oil Retamar to Bristol Cooperative Gym sponsored by
FERALTRADE products passed by hand. The word 'feral' describes a process that is deliberately wild, as in pigeon, as opposed to nature wild (wolf). Feral Trade freight operates largely outside commercial channels, using the surplus potential of social, cultural and data networks for the distribution of goods. contact kate@feraltrade.org